Business Research 2.0

The project addresses the needs of supervising students using ICT tools in research purposes.


Projectleider:    Drs. H.H.Lee
Faculteit:        Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Looptijd:         1 September 2012 – 1 September 2013


In the business arena, internet communication and online consumption is commonly used in business practices, but our students in general lack the proper ICT skills to study these types of online communication and consumer behavior. In order to educate the students with such skills, teachers themselves would have to be familiar and confident with researching and learning with such ICT platforms and relevant programmes. The project addresses the needs of supervising students using ICT tools in research purposes, such as the theses of students.

This initiative aims at increasing school and teachers’ access to ICT in response to the increasing demands on teachers to supervise students who apply ICT in their theses in ways that enhance the research and learning outcomes of students. The project is set to support the implementation and use of ICT research tools in the business school and to familiarize teachers within the school with these tools. It focuses on:
• Developing teachers’ precision, fluency and confidence in using and choosing ICT tools as the medium of conducting research.
• Developing teacher’s ability to create more opportunities for the students to utilize ICT tools within the existing curriculum.
• Developing a project-oriented and method-based toolkit which provides reference materials to formulate, plan, and evaluate research projects enhanced by information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Seeing the needs to facilitate teachers applying modern ICT in their portfolios to enhance teaching and learning efficiency, a number of previous ICTO funded projects focused on improving teachers’ access to ICT. Building on these previous projects, this initiative seeks to extend further and establish the toolkit of using these new ICT tools for researching purposes. To implement appropriate ICT support for student project supervision, there is a need for profound understanding of these tools and methods among teachers. Specifically, the project focuses on teachers’ ICT skills of mining the internet.

Gepubliceerd door  ICT Services

17 september 2014