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This blog details a 2 day data and standards driven hackathon at LAK18. The fourth of a continued series. For a brief history consider reading at the permanent home. Through this means we the organizer’s intend to publicize emergent themes from the field of Learning Analytics.

To this end we added two significant innovations:

  1. A call for proposals (CFP): We asked for data, a ten minute presentation and documentation of current literature in the field and clearly articulated Research Questions.
  2. Structuring the hackathon as a package where we can transfer and amplify the messaging of the articulated and explored themes.

After the initial presentations which you will find in the hackathons Github. The attendee’s (n=27) naturally divided themselves into approximately equally across four tables and explored; transparency around algorithms, the application of Job Market Intelligence (JMI) to Goal setting and Eportfolio’s, ethics and privacy and finally the application of xAPI incombination with sensors.

I cannot do justice to the themes in this blog. I would encourage you to explore the evidence gathered within github. However, here is a brief summary.

After a brief exploration of text mining to extract entities from 20,000 job adverts the group decided to move onto the more profitable (due to the 2 day timeframe) effort around building a Goal setting App based on the ESCO standard which splits jobs into the necessary skills and then connecting to the job market data. This allows students to start to develop SMART skills and at the same time understand the limitations and opportunities for those skills geographically. The group even managed to create a relevant xAPI recipe for Goal setting and populate a Learning Record Store (LRS) simulating realistic workflow. At the end of the 2 days it was obvious that the design was rock solid and simply needs some love and kindness through the resourcing of development hours. Expect JISC to explore this theme further.

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